Wednesday, 18 June 2008


If there is one theatre production you must see this year, make sure TORN is the name

Written by Femi Oguns and directed by Raz Shaw, Torn is back at the Arcola Theatre, Stoke Newington, Hackney.

A formidable cast which includes, Jocelyn Jee Essien, well known for the TV shows, 3 Non Blondes and Little Miss Jocelyn, Kelly Bryan and Wil Johnson,

A controversial and sensitive subject, Torn explores the tensions between Afro-Caribbean and African communities through the lines of cross-cultural relationships.

What has love got to do with colour or race or place of origin?

These are some of the questions the play hopes to invoke in the audience.

Its aim is to break down the stereotypical views we hold of each other.

A must see for 2008

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